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Born in Sète (France) in 1965, Jean-Marie Frédéric is a guitarist with a rich and generous touch...
Nourished by Rock, Jazz, World Music and Experimental music, he is before all else a musician who seeks discovery, and the meeting of new music and new sounds. He invests in several artistic projects, and proposes his talent as guitarist and arranger.
Jean Marie begins music playing blues / rock, and then takes classes at the Sète conservatory for several years, taking side classes with Gérard Labady at the Montpellier's CRM (Connaissance et Recherche Musicale). During his training, he participates in workshops led by Gérard Pansanel, Joe Diorio, Serge Lazarevitch, Barre Philips. Co-fondateur of the jazz school « Résonance » from 1984 to 1989, his teaching activities continue at the "JAM" school (Jazz Action Montpellier) where he teaches guitar, harmony, and group dynamics until 1997. He also participates in several concerts and workshops in France and abroad (Europe, Africa, India, Russia . . .)
Educational coordinator in the Balaruc-les-Bains music school, he is author of a guitar method called « Progressions Harmoniques », published in 1995 (Editions), and participates in the publication of « Decouvrir la guitar » ("Discovering Guitar") (Editions Fabri). An active musician in a number of different musical environments, his experiences enable him to play with musicians such as :
Siegfried Dessler, Michel Marre, René Nan, Bruno Codignola, Francis Bourrec, Doudou Gouirand, Débora Seffer, Christian l'été, Mimi Lorenzini, Tony Pagano, Gérard Pansanel, Serge Lazarevitch, Keyvan et Bijan Cheymirani, Patrick Vaillant, Bickram Gosh, Reiner Push, Pépé Martinez, Frédéric Monino, Partice Héral, Philippe Botta, Eric Séva, Pierre Dayraud, Paul Pioli, Eric Bretheau, Frédéric Tari, Pierre Diaz, Daniel Solia, Denis Fournier, Brigitte Menon, Michel Bismut, Fethi Tabet, Hamilton De Hollanda, Dominique Di Piazza, Joêl Allouche, Yair Dalal, Avi Agababa, Laurent Cugny, Frédéric Favarel, François Laizeau, Parthasarthi Desikan, Snehasish Mozumder, Michel Benita, Dave Kikoski, Montpellier Philharmonic Orchestra...

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